A Memphis native, I grew up learning about real estate literally from the ground up with my Contractor dad and Realtor mom and developed a longstanding relationship of respect for the industry, both as a trade and a profession. After college, I left Memphis with my sights set on joining the Peace Corps in Africa. Upon returning to the States, I pursued a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, specializing in Housing, Community & Economic Development and Land Use Planning. My postgraduate work experience as a City Planner with the New Orleans Planning Commission and Design Advisory Committee effectively consummated my passion for real estate and commercial development for urban renewal and the ultimate revitalization of our communities. Ready to put down roots, I returned to Tennessee and declared Nashville my new home away from home. Coming full circle, I’m eager to build upon my urban development and real estate experience as I continue to hone my skills while connecting with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds to achieve common goals. To date, the culmination of my educational background, work, and life experience has furnished me with a unique set of skills to ensure successful transactions indefinitely from hello to closed. Plan or perish – let’s real estate!

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